About Us

Gelato Divino, originally a small family-owned ice-cream shop in the beautiful town of Alba in the North-Western Piemonte region of Italy, has only become internationally famous since the first expansion outside of Italy started in 2009 in the United Arab Emirates.

Mr. Nicolas O. Reincke, Founder & Managing Director, fell in love with the family-owned Gelato Divino store in Alba during a holiday there. As a German entrepreneur based in the Middle East, Nicolas instantly knew this brand would be a success internationally and decided to take over the company for global expansion.

Together with his partners, Mr. Sameer Sadique, Mr. Harris Kachanchery and Mr. Abdulla AlQubaisi, all from various different cultural & business backgrounds, it was decided to launch the brand in their home-base Dubai first. From here Gelato Divino would be set on the global retail stage after opening over forty locations in the United Arab Emirates in just six years from 2009 to 2015.

Further expansion continued in 2015 to various countries in the Middle East, including Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Palestine & even Kenya.

2017 should be the mark for further global growth, when master franchise for the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia & Malaysia were signed with Landmark Investments & Consultancy LLC, headed by Mr. Saheed Kottoth. This would grow Gelato Divino to over One hundred International retail locations in just nine years since it’s launch in Dubai…